Pachet #1

hidden treasures fern britton pbTitlu: Hidden Treasures

Autor: Fern Britton

Editura: Harper Collins

Numar de pagini: 388

Stare: Acceptabila (citita de cateva ori)

Descriere: Helen Merrifield has said goodbye to her philandering husband and her swish West London house to live in an idyllic country cottage in the heart of a postcard-perfect village in Cornwall.

Putting the past behind her, Helen throws herself into country life and soon makes a new set of eccentric friends. To her surprise, Helen finds herself the love-interest of two very different men: the kind, gentle, desperate-for-love-and-sex Simon, and the darkly enigmatic local historian Piran.

Whilst Helen is getting to grips with her new life, her oldest and dearest friend, Penny, a hot-shot TV Producer, has decided that the village is the perfect setting for her new TV series. When the cast and crew descend, two worlds collide, and Helen is thrown headlong into 5am wake-up calls and temperamental celebrities.

In the midst of all this, Helen stumbles across a forgotten old tin chest full of Edwardian treasures. Who do they belong to? Will the unpleasant historian Piran help her to find out or will Simon have the key?

6a010536b33b69970b017743653e92970d-250wiAs Helen finds herself the focus of Simon and Piran’s attentions, it looks like her ex-husband is planning to put in an unscheduled appearance. Will Helen embrace the future, or is it too difficult to let go of the past?

Titlu: Ten minutes to fall in love

Autor: Julia Llewellyn

Editura: Penguin

Numar de pagini: 388

Stare: Foarte buna

Descriere: Julia Llewellyn, Top Ten bestselling author of The Model Wife and Amy’s Honeymoon looks at finding – and keeping – your soulmate in Ten Minutes to Fall in Love.

Zu Forbes has a complicated relationship with love. Her mother died when she was a teenager, leaving her with a lonely father and emotional baggage. So at the earliest opportunity she switched the baggage for luggage and took off around the world.

But now she’s home and working for a dating agency. Can she find the perfect match for her dad? If only she can pair him off, she can run away again with a clear conscience.

While Zu busies herself fixing her dad’s love life, she almost misses Cupid creeping up behind her. They say it takes ten minutes to fall in love so how can she be falling for someone she’s known for years? And why is it taking so damn long to matchmake her dad?

Zu must make a commitment one way or the other: to her love life; to her family; and to the memories of a mother she’s tried so desperately to forget.

Ten Minutes to Fall in Love is an engaging, witty and romantic story about finding that perfect person to share your life.

Praise for Julia Llewellyn:

‘A perfect beach read’ Elle

‘Engaging and entertaining’ Evening Standard

Pret pachet: 9 RON

Some old lover’s ghost, de Judith Lennox

lennox-judith-br-some-old-lover-s-ghost-7402-pTitlu: Some old lover’s ghost

Autor: Judith Lenox

Editura: Corgi Books

Numar de pagini: 572

Stare: Acceptabila/Buna

Pret: 5 RON

Descriere: If Rebecca Bennett could have foreseen the future, would she have accepted the job of writing the life story of Dame Tilda Franklin? Thirty-one, struggling financially and still tender after a disastrous love affair, Rebecca takes on the biography both to reinvigorate her professional career and to boost her wounded self-esteem. Little does she know that mining the past of such a well-loved public figure will unearth an embattled life filled with passion and heartache, one which strangely mirrors her own. Yet as she finds her soul mate in Dame Tilda, Rebecca also finds herself suddenly entangled in a forty-year-old murder mystery, which threatens to disrupt her newfound peace of mind as she comes closer to discovering the killer.

A novel of tragedy, healing, and love, which brilliantly exhibits Judith Lennox’s storytelling genius, Some Old Lover’s Ghost will raise you up as it breaks your heart.

Tell me something, de Adele Parks

4904940Titlu: Tell me something

Autor: Adele Parks

Editura: Penguin

Numar de pagini: 472

Stare: Impecabila

Pret: 7 RON

Descriere: Elizabeth has wanted two things her entire life to keep her happy and fulfilled – an Italian husband and lots of rosy-cheeked bambini. The first is ticked off, now she’s bagged dark and sexy Roberto, the second is proving harder to achieve.

But when Roberto loses his job and decides to leave London for romantic Italy and the family business, Elizabeth hopes the change in lifestyle might help her relax and boost her chances of conceiving their longed for child. Except, no matter how much ice cream she eats in the sun drenched piazza, it’s impossible to relax when her wily mother-in-law (the original black widow) seems hell bent on destroying her marriage. The language barrier is proving tricky too, as is Roberto’s beautiful, significant ex who practically lives next door.

Is Elizabeth’s ferocious hunger for a baby enough to hold a marriage together or is it ripping it apart? And why is she suddenly craving the company of a gorgeous, blonde American stranger? Her filthy, flirty thoughts about him are totally inappropriate.

Yet, undeniably, temperatures are rising…