Some old lover’s ghost, de Judith Lennox

lennox-judith-br-some-old-lover-s-ghost-7402-pTitlu: Some old lover’s ghost

Autor: Judith Lenox

Editura: Corgi Books

Numar de pagini: 572

Stare: Acceptabila/Buna

Pret: 5 RON

Descriere: If Rebecca Bennett could have foreseen the future, would she have accepted the job of writing the life story of Dame Tilda Franklin? Thirty-one, struggling financially and still tender after a disastrous love affair, Rebecca takes on the biography both to reinvigorate her professional career and to boost her wounded self-esteem. Little does she know that mining the past of such a well-loved public figure will unearth an embattled life filled with passion and heartache, one which strangely mirrors her own. Yet as she finds her soul mate in Dame Tilda, Rebecca also finds herself suddenly entangled in a forty-year-old murder mystery, which threatens to disrupt her newfound peace of mind as she comes closer to discovering the killer.

A novel of tragedy, healing, and love, which brilliantly exhibits Judith Lennox’s storytelling genius, Some Old Lover’s Ghost will raise you up as it breaks your heart.

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